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14 is a different breed..

Many are speculating that this was a subtle jab by Kevin Durant leveled at Powers, who was offended by Andre Iguodala referring to her on Twitter by her jersey number instead of her name in a tweet complimenting her.

Put some respect on my name or keep this tweet to yourself!!

While not always the case, many players and fans use numbers as a simple way of referring to a player in a tweet without typing out the whole name. Many are speculating Kevin Durant is making a point of referring to Ingram by his number instead of name to show that even the men get referred to by their numbers and that the tweet was not a slight on Powers at all.

While everyone may be looking too far into this, the timing is still very interesting. Kevin Durant did not tag Powers or make any direct reference to the incident, so no one will ever know if this was his intention.

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